Andrea Kimball

Systems + Administration Specialist

Andrea Kimball

Andrea is ADVISA’s resident systems and software guru. She takes pride in ensuring data is accurate and accessible and that we are getting the most value out of our software for our team and our clients. Prior to joining ADVISA, Andrea worked in customer-focused roles in various industries. Through this she has developed a passion for Salesforce, leading her to her new tribe at ADVISA.

Andrea has one daughter, Reagan, and two cats, Bolt and Mittens. She has a passion for fashion, live music, a good tea, cosplay, and travel. In 2018 she was able to take her daughter to Paris. This became her most memorable travel experience, but she has many more trips in mind for the two of them.

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Not only must we stop telling ourselves no, we have to internalize our right to make mistakes and to use error as an entry point to more knowledge

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