Culture Development

Be the place people love, not the place people leave.

Culture has a bottom-line impact

How do you measure the bottom-line impact of work culture? Turnover. Productivity. Employee engagement. Teamwork. Openness to change. Sales numbers. Throughput. Ability to recruit and win talent. Conflict. Communication. The list goes on.

Your work culture injects fuel or creates friction. There’s no in between. Your culture either helps you achieve your goals faster or it slows you down. We help you define and activate your aspirational culture.

Leaders are culture carriers

What most of your leaders say and do most of the time is what creates your culture. That’s why changing culture requires leaders to change mindsets and behaviors over time. But, how do you know which mindsets and which behaviors need to shift and in what way?

Our Leadership + Culture Assessment, or LCA, measures leaders’ confidence in the organization’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent, as well as foster an intentional culture that advances strategic aims. It also evaluates how consistently leaders display 16 distinct behaviors that separate the best leaders from the rest, as well as employee loyalty. This data gives leadership teams the objective information they need to identify opportunities for improvement.

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Work cultures where people thrive

The root of the word “thrive” means to grasp or take hold of. Once you have clarity about what you want to change, you can “take hold of” or be intentional about creating your aspirational culture. Our Culture Summit creates space for leaders to activate their core values as the pillars of their intentional culture.

Already have core values? We help you breathe new life into them by aligning on the specific coachable mindsets and behaviors that personify each value. Don’t have core values yet? We help you create them to be fuel for achieving your mission, vision, and goals. This work is transformational and intense. And there is no short cut or no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why you need a guide and a proven process to get where you’re trying to go.

Get started

Reach out today to speak with one of our Leadership Consultants to learn more about our proven approach to culture development. And, in the meantime, watch this video to learn more about the impact we can make on culture through leader effectiveness.