Nora Elder

Director of Client Solutions


nora elder

Nora first met ADVISA in 2016, and since then she has been passionate about applying data to support strong, effective workplace cultures. She is dedicated to making sure that leaders at all levels have the skills, mindsets, and environments necessary to be at their best.

Before joining the A-Team, Nora’s background was in recruitment, retention, and employee engagement, where she developed her passion for the human element at work. Although she grew up in Indiana and is proud to call it home, a piece of Nora’s heart belongs to Portland, Oregon where she graduated from (and then worked at) Reed College.

Outside of work, Nora is an avid hiker who is passionate about animals. She currently has a rescue dog, cat, and leopard gecko. She also loves thrift fashion and DJing—both of which involve finding things out in the wild that inspire her, then putting them together in fun and original ways. Her mantra is “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth making it fun.”

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