Sales Improvement

Practical skills for effective selling, influencing and building trust

Sell more. Sell faster.

It is easier to achieve our goals and objectives when we understand how they fit into other people’s goals and priorities.

Customer-Focused Selling™ and Influencing for Results™ offer a five-phase process broken into 10 skills for building trust and credibility, understanding others’ needs, offering compelling solutions, handling objections, and gaining agreement.

These skills are applicable in any industry for people in any role who desire to improve their ability to drive results with and through other people.

Not your typical training program

Development starts with self-awareness.

We incorporate the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ as well as the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ to give participants new insights into their natural behaviors and knowledge of consultative selling skills pre- and post-workshop.

  • We equip sales leaders to coach and reinforce new behaviors. Learning a process and skills for how to sell and influence is only the starting line. The real work happens back on the job and managers play a big role in helping people make change that translates into results.
  • No gimmicks or “sales-y” tactics. Our approach is grounded in behavioral science and core skills for having conversations and meetings that lead to building trust and taking mutually valuable next steps.
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Start improving sales now

This experience is offered in-person as well as in a virtual format on a regular basis through our own Training & Events page and can be organized as a closed session for one team, division, or company to be included in annual meetings, sales training opportunities, or even in the onboarding of new sales representatives.

“I found the program content to be wonderful, particularly the assessment and the specific time set aside for focused practice. It continues to influence me in how I set agendas, listen and close the loop with people. I absolutely recommend Customer-Focused Selling to other sales leaders looking to improve their approach to business development.”

James Mitchell
Director of HR and employee experience, Minnestrista Museum and Gardens

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