Leaders need tools to be effective

Data is a catalyst for change

We take a data-driven approach to change and transformation. As a result, we have curated a suite of assessments that create awareness, expose misalignment, measure learning outcomes, and improve decision-making. However, data alone is not enough.

Our consultants are masterful at interpreting the results of these assessments and highlighting compelling individual, team, and organizational insights. We also offer training for leaders on the appropriate use of people data in hiring, coaching, team building, and organizational development.

Assessments we trust

We have curated a suite of assessments that help leaders understand behavior, cognitive agility, emotional intelligence, engagement, job fit, leadership capacity, employee loyalty, work culture, sales skills, and team performance.

Our assessment partners include The Predictive Index®, 15Five, Multi-Health Systems and The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni company. We have chosen these strategic partners because their assessments have been validated through rigorous scientific testing and research over decades, with more than 25 million+ people around the world assessed and a proven track record of use by major companies worldwide.

woman reviewing assessment

Get started

Since 1986, we’ve been advising and training leaders on how to use people data, new skills, and insight to tap into the best parts of themselves and others. If you’re interested in seeing any sample reports or taking one of our assessments for a test drive, reach out today. Or hear one of our clients describe their smart use of assessments as the first step in transforming their work culture.