Caitlin Moulton-Towle

Learning + Development Specialist


Caitlin Moulton-Towle, Learning and Development Specialist at ADVISA

Caitlin felt drawn to ADVISA because of her fascination with the general experiment and science of human nature and with learning how people bring varying identities and experiences into their work. Her own professional philosophy starts with assuming the best and helping others to do the same to guide healthy leadership and culture development. When it comes to her role as a Learning + Development Specialist, Caitlin always seeks to bring positivity and a sense of thoughtful purpose into the spaces she engages in.

Like a handful of family members before her, Caitlin graduated from Auburn University (War Eagle!) then began a career of over a decade in non-profit management within the fraternity/sorority headquarters industry. She first traveled for a year and a half across the United States consulting at various colleges and universities before settling into the Indianapolis area to work for the National Panhellenic Conference. After four years, she returned to work for Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity as a manager of the Leadership Consultant program, through which she supervised around 100 different young professionals over six years. This work taught her about the vast spectrum of people’s work styles and management needs and reiterated the value of understanding both self and others to be the best possible professionals.

Caitlin lives in the Noblesville area with her husband, John, baby daughter, Eleanor (“Nelly”), and pup, Dexter. She has an unhealthy love of office supplies and is overly pleased by the excitement of a new pen or notebook. Beware if you start conversation with her around a good movie or streaming series, because it may last longer than you expect. Her favorite place in her home is her library where shelves overflow with her to-be-read booklist and she loves to travel to new cities to explore the local bookstore, classic tourist stops, and intimate coffee shops.

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For there is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only were brave enough to be it.

Amanda Gorman

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