Mandy Haskett

Leadership Consultant


mandy haskett

Mandy brings her creative energy to helping clients redefine and cultivate effective leadership.

Before joining ADVISA as a Leadership Consultant, Mandy led Brand Strategy in advertising, helping organizations discover, develop and market their core promises. Equal parts creative thinker and research geek, she worked on some of the world’s biggest brands in her 15 years in the ad business—from JP Morgan Chase to Microsoft.

Mandy’s focus on improving the position of brands large and small centered on their people. Because it’s people that stand between every great strategy and its results.

Mandy’s work with human behavior, consumerism, and psychology culminates today in leadership consulting. She writes a bi-monthly workplace column in the Indianapolis Business Journal on the subject.

She’s a graduate of Indiana University with a double major in Journalism and Informatics, and a minor in Psychology. Outside of her clients, Mandy enjoys environmental and interior design, reading, writing, gardening, and time with her family.

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Favorite Quote

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

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