Taming the Self-Awareness Dragon feat. ADVISA’s Kye Hawkins

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Shared with permission of the Career Dreams podcast

In episode 113 of the Career Dreams podcast, our own Kye Hawkins – Leadership Consultant at ADVISA – has a thought provoking conversation with hosts Michelle Baker and Chase Batt.

In “taming the self-awareness dragon” Kye shares her unique perspective on the effectiveness of the Predictive Index® behavioral assessment and how we can all use it as a tool for self-awareness. Plus:

  • improved engagement and understanding of others
  • better teamwork and outcomes
  • more effective teams and cultures, rooted in trust and shared goals
  • increased empathy and appreciation for others’ diverse needs
  • fostering holistic collaboration

The Career Dreams podcast provides career development strategies and resources to help leaders learn and grow professionally. Hosted by Michelle Baker and Chase Batt with FORUM Credit Union’s award-winning Talent Development team.


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