What exactly does ADVISA do?

ADVISA’s proven process creates a culture that directly supports your business goals. And the most effective way to transform your culture is through leader effectiveness.

Think of the ADVISA process as a roadmap to your desired state, informed by data throughout:

  1. First, we assess where you are today – your current state.
  2. Next, we help you get clear on where you need to be – your aspirational culture.
  3. Then, we map the behaviors and capabilities that will get you there.

It’s a journey, not an event. We get in the trenches putting our process to work.

How long has ADVISA been in business?

We hung our shingle back in 1986. Since that time, A LOT has changed.

Originally known as “the PI people,” ADVISA has transformed over the years to create an effective process to help companies become the workplace they want to be. Now, the Predictive Index is just one tool in our toolkit to get you there.

  • From: Aren’t you the Predictive Index® people?
  • To: We’re the leadership effectiveness company that helps build cultures where people love to work.

At ADVISA, we love a good from/to. If you enjoy a good backstory, click here.

Who are ADVISA’s customers?

  1. CEOs – Our process of workplace culture transformation solves for many organizational pain points. The right culture reduces turnover while boosting productivity. And all of that directly impacts the bottom line. What CEO doesn’t want that?
  2. HR Leaders – Similar to the CEO, the head of HR has broad, systemic problems to solve. Specifically relating to people, the lifeblood of any business. A hefty portion of our client base and raving fans are HR Leaders. If you’re an HR Leader, we can help you sleep better at night, too.
  3. Leaders of individual teams – These are the change-makers in any organization. The most effective way to transform your culture is through leader effectiveness. So ADVISA offers training for leaders of all levels — beginning leaders, mid-level leaders, even the C-suite.

How do you know it works?

98% of our participants say they’re more effective leaders. And that’s the name of the game.

But, if you love to go deep into metrics like we do, the short answer is this: Data. Our strategic, data-driven approach includes pre and post measurement to show real impact and ROI.

“Wished I would have had this training a long time ago.”

Leadership Academy 2024 Participant