What is The Predictive Index®?

People are complex. The Predictive Index® (PI), a suite of tools, will help you decode the complexities and realize what drives workplace behaviors so you can ensure alignment, reach your team’s potential and achieve your business objectives faster than you ever thought possible.

Get Your PI License from ADVISA

ADVISA has been a leading Certified Partner of the Predictive Index since 1986. Unlike other certified partners, we have a robust client service team to support your use of the technology, and a leadership and organizational development team to help you both make meaning of your data and use it to meet your business objectives. One of 12 elite partners of the Predictive Index worldwide, ADVISA trains and certifies more people in PI than any other partner.

how pi can help you?

The PI System helps leaders:

Hire the right people
  • You can’t successfully hire for what you can’t define, describe and ask candidates about. The Job Assessment within the PI software helps leaders create real clarity around cognitive and behavioral performance expectations for every role in their company.
  • Once Job Patterns have been created for roles, Interview Guides can be created that compare candidates’ behavioral and cognitive survey results with defined Job Patterns. These Interview Guides include targeted interview questions to support the effective exploration of fits and gaps during the interview process. This level of clarity and insight in the hiring process dramatically improves job fit and empowers leaders and managers to make smarter decisions.
Keep employees energized
  • Engaged employees are more productive and energized than nonengaged employees. People do their best work when they get to use their strengths (see job fit above) and when positive, healthy relationships exist between employees and their direct supervisors and colleagues.
  • Beyond the data and analytics, the PI system includes an array of ongoing training for leaders and managers at all levels on how to understand and leverage PI insights to increase their capacity to effectively engage others.
  • Relationships drive results, and PI gives leaders invaluable insight into their most precious asset – their people.
Accelerate growth of their organizations
  • Growing and scaling a business is challenging. The fewer “people issues” that leaders encounter as they scale up, the faster they’ll hit profitability and success targets.
  • Through a unique blend of scientific assessments, groundbreaking software, top-notch management training and professional consulting, the Predictive Index system gives leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and strategic HR professionals the tools they need drive toward desired business results. Wherever you’re trying to go, PI is an accelerant, helping you get there faster and stronger.
Create a common language for coaching and change
  • The Predictive Index measures innate motivating needs that are present in all people. People behave in ways that meet those needs; that’s how PI accurately predicts the behaviors people are likely to display at work.
  • The collective behaviors of people within a company create the culture that delivers the results. PI provides a common language for leaders and managers to be more intentional about creating effective work environments where people’s needs are met so that performance and engagement soar.
  • Coaching Guides can be easily created in the software that support leaders and managers in engaging their people in more meaningful coaching conversations and development planning.