3 Perspectives that Drive Success

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The twentieth-century French novelist Marcel Proust once said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.”

Some business priorities can feel like they are at odds with each other. For example, do more with less. But, at the same time, show your tenured folks how much they’re valued. It’s tricky, that’s why smart business leaders get the big bucks.

Here’s a CEO cheat code

Be sure to leverage these three perspectives as you make decisions that affect the success of your business:

1. Your employees

No one knows the inner workings of your business like your own employees. One of the most critical aspects of success is treating your people right. It’s no surprise that happy employees lead to better outcomes.

But another important factor in success is continual growth and stimulus. So what do you do when your people are rock-solid experts and your process is dialed-in? How do you continue to grow and evolve?

You provide your already rock-solid team with a couple of additional and powerful perspectives. Which brings us to our next point.

2. Outside specialists

None of your employees can see your business from the outside. And, ironically, the more they know about your business, the harder it is to remember their POV from before they joined your organization – what your customers, partners and the rest of the world sees.

It’s just not possible. Once you know something, it can’t be unlearned. That’s why you regularly need to find experts you trust who can bring a valuable new perspective, and partner with them.

That can take the form of partnering with consultants who can bring critical new perspective to your existing team. Or, when the time is right and you’re growing, (SPOILER ALERT) you can bring new perspectives into the fold.

3. Data

No one can help provide a perspective on progress better than your silent partner, data. So take the time to set up meaningful metrics you can track. The more you can root your decisions in objective data, the less the onus is completely on you for making smart choices.

Your metrics should show clear impact on the business in alignment with your overall goals. Then use them to inform your decisions. Monitor, learn and pivot as needed.

It’s a beautiful thing.

At ADVISA, we try to practice what we preach

The A-Team is a well-oiled machine. The process works, and since 1986 we’ve helped transform the work cultures of countless organizations to create places where people love to work. But achieving that level of depth in expertise, it can be easy to become removed from an outsider’s initial perspective. For example, in the simplest terms: Is it clear what we offer? Who we serve? Why it’s necessary? How we make their lives better?

When you live and breathe something, it’s crystal clear. (That’s why so many of our new clients are referrals who come to us from someone who’s gone through our process.) But for everyone else outside of the company, when it’s your first time being exposed to something, you need guidance and clarity.

Getting an outside perspective is powerful. It can reveal new opportunities, uncover gaps, infuse new energy into legacy initiatives, and so much more!

That’s why we’re excited to share that ADVISA is getting fresh perspectives from four new associates:

A fresh perspective on efficiency in accounting

April Morales has a passion for collaboration and is bringing her experience in both accounting and customer service to her new role as a Financial Specialist at ADVISA. 

“I bring curiosity. I like to understand how what I do impacts the business and our customers. I thrive off of building relationships, both inside and outside of the business. Of course, I also bring attention to detail – being accurate and getting it right the first time.”

April Morales, Financial Specialist
Joined ADVISA March 12, 2024

A fresh perspective on helping clients be successful

Beth Agee is passionate about creating engaging course experiences that help our clients create real transformation. She joins ADVISA as a Client Success Specialist.  

“I’m looking forward to building connections with our clients through personalized PI trainings and application tools. Every connection is an opportunity to learn and grow together. I’m grateful to be a part of the A-Team.”

Beth Agee, Client Success Specialist
Joined ADVISA March 18, 2024

A fresh perspective on making projects run smoothly

Delaney Spencer has an eye for improvement and a genuine passion for ensuring the success of our clients through efficient project management.

“Solution-building is my strength. By asking the right questions, an area of improvement can be transformed into an opportunity for growth. In my role as Project Specialist, I see every interaction as a chance to identify a need and build enhanced trust in our solution.”

Delaney Spencer, Project Specialist
Joined ADVISA April 9, 2024

A fresh perspective on making marketing meaningful

Jeff Thomas is a career marketer who has worked in creative and strategic roles helping multiple Fortune 100 companies create meaningful and impactful customer journeys.

“One of the greatest areas of opportunity for most organizations is simply to ‘ride the ride’ from the prospect/customer’s POV. It reveals insights you can’t get otherwise. At each touchpoint, ask yourself – from the customer’s point of view – ‘Does this add value?’ and ‘Why should I care?’ and it becomes clear where to focus your efforts. Customer first. If it makes the customer experience better, do it. If it doesn’t, fix it. Everyone’s time is valuable. When you get the privilege of having someone’s attention, you should always make it worth their while.”

Jeff Thomas, Director of Marketing
Joined ADVISA March 18, 2024

Your own people. Perspectives from the outside. And data.

Could this be the trifecta of solid decision-making? It’s certainly a solid foundation. So keep these front-of-mind. And when you’re ready to reap the benefits of outside expertise, reach out and we’d love to tell you how we can help you create a sustainably loved workplace.


Want to learn more about how ADVISA brings a fresh, data-driven perspective to leadership development? Here’s the process we use to help you achieve and sustain your aspirational culture.