Our Approach

How We Work

We apply systems thinking to leader and culture development

At ADVISA, we believe for leader development to be effective, we must also address the system that leaders are operating within.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming wrote that 94% of workplace issues are systemic. That is, multiple, connected factors influence why and how people do what they do at work. Yet, organizations continue to invest billions of dollars ($166 billion annually in the United States alone according to TrainingIndustry.com) developing individual people without addressing bigger organizational dynamics and constraints.

Developing people as part of a broader solution

Developing your people is a noble investment. But it can’t stand alone, separate from the core work of the business. To support people in making real behavior change over time, we must create the conditions that best support their learning and growth.

Thirty years of research reveals adult learning happens 70% on the job or with stretch projects, 20% through relationships and mentorship, and only 10% in the classroom. Most development investments focus only on the 10%. At ADVISA, we believe leaders deserve better. They deserve learning experiences that include all of the following:

  • New knowledge and skills
  • Meaningful connections between learners and between participants and their managers
  • On-the-job application of new knowledge and skills with fast feedback
  • Just-in-time access to tools and support

Our Process

ADVISA takes a strategic, data-driven approach to building team, leader and culture effectiveness.

  • Diagnose + Define We collect data to help diagnose what’s working (and what’s not) on the people side of your business through our Leadership + Culture Assessment™. Then, we consult with your executive team to define the values and behaviors necessary to attract and retain the talent you need to grow.
  • Design Amidst a sea of generic “quick fixes,” our team begins with the end in mind. We design a relevant solution that activates exactly those values and behaviors you’ve defined for success.
  • Deploy Our expert facilitators, consultants and coaches deliver transformative learning experiences and implement systems and tools to drive measurable organizational impact over time.
Two leaders reviewing data

Get Started

If you’re ready to stop throwing money into the training abyss and start transforming your organization, schedule a meeting with a consultant today. And, in the meantime, watch this video to learn firsthand how a systemic approach to leader development improves culture and business results.