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Organizational leadership that motivates and drives staff performance doesn’t happen by accident; it requires knowing how to identify and develop today’s top talent into the leaders of tomorrow. True leadership is working through others to achieve results—but working through others isn’t easy, especially when the others may be quite different than us.

Our leadership development approach begins with enhancing one’s self-awareness. We believe:

  • Leadership development is a journey, not an event
  • Adults learn best when they can experience new thoughts and ideas, rather than just hear about them
  • Leaders at all levels deserve management training opportunities to reflect and grow
  • Changing behaviors can take time—continual reflection and feedback, along with a strong leadership development program, support behavioral change

Who is this for?

ADVISA Leadership Academy is designed uniquely for established leaders and managers of managers, who understand high engagement workplaces are the most impactful driver of business results, and who seek to transform their business results through their people.

About ALA

The ADVISA Leadership Academy provides leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive business success. This 9-month academy includes personalized coaching, a Leadership Development Project and experiential development. Participants can expect:

  • Individual, self-directed sessions for participants to learn at their own pace
  • Live group sessions for discussion, practice and application
  • Data-based development work driven by The Predictive Index® and EQ-I 2.0
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Partnership with a supervisor or mentor
Course Descriptions
  • Lead With Intention
    An introduction to The Predictive Index and foundational leadership concepts.
  • Own It!
    An exploration of personal accountability for one’s own strengths and blind spots.
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
    A deep dive into EQ-I as a catalyst for intentional personal development and accountability.
  • Communication
    Skill development in asking the right questions, active listening, professional messaging and delivering feedback.
  • Coaching
    Skill development in increasing commitment and capability in individuals through goalsetting, effective 1:1 conversations, and modes of influence; exploration of coaching and its relationship to career pathing.
  • Teams & Team Culture
    Skill development in moving teams through their formative stages into high performance.
  • Change
    Skill development in moving individuals and teams through personal, departmental and organizational change.
  • Strategy to Results
    An exploration of a leader’s overall role in the context of business, including strategic planning and initiatives, organizational culture, and translating those into the tactical responsibilities of their teams.
  • Graduation
    Participants will present the end results of their work, be recognized for their accomplishments and plan for their next steps.
  • 2 hours of personalized coaching and a Leadership Development Project

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