Leadership Fundamentals

77% of organizations report they are currently experiencing a leadership gap, and many of those organizations see that gap starting at the front-line.

Front-line leaders carry a lot of responsibility: they drive results through people, as well as provide a window to the rest of the organization for the people they lead. Leadership skill is absolutely critical at this level, both for employee engagement and business results.

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Leadership Fundamentals 2024 Participant

About the experience

Leadership Fundamentals offers an opportunity for front-line supervisors and mid-level managers to develop the skills necessary to drive results through the people they lead. Participants will spend time practicing, receiving feedback, and creating actionable plans to apply their new skills on the job during this six-month-long program comprised of monthly, day-long Skill Sessions. 

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Skill sessions

  1. Self-Aware Leadership + Building Behaviors
  2. Communication Basics + Building Relationships and Coaching
  3. Bad News and Tough Conversations + Conflict
  4. Building Great Teams + Empowering Team Performance
  5. Leading Great Meetings + Leading a Hybrid Team
  6. The Human Side of Change + Graduation and Looking Ahead

The Leadership Diversity Scholarship

In 2021, we introduced the Leadership Diversity Scholarship because diversity makes us better—more creative, more empathetic, and more effective. Further, when people with diverse backgrounds and identities become stronger leaders, entire departments, teams, organizations and communities benefit. Each year, we award fully funded scholarships to the Emerging Leader Series, Leadership Fundamentals and Leadership Academy to leaders from under-represented groups who are eager to grow their skills and positively influence their organizations.

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