Prevent Disengagement and Churn by Prehabbing Top Talent

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Not too long ago, I was listening to a podcast reporting that sports scientists have discovered they can use high speed video footage paired with data-driven training plans to help elite athletes avoid their most predicted injuries. They term this “prehab” and it got me thinking… If professional athletes can prevent injuries by prehabbing could organizations prehab their leaders to prevent common mistakes or the “most predicted” oversights?

In a recent opinion piece for Inc., Vistage’s Chief Research Officer Joe Galvin highlights a common trap many organizations fall into:

“Most managers are promoted into their roles for being good workers, without receiving the training they need to become effective managers. Consequently, they learn by failure and mistakes.”

This happens across geographies and industries. And, more often than not, when managers fail or don’t learn from their mistakes, their teams become disengaged. Upper management and executive teams are forced to wonder if the manager can handle the new role. And, potentially, the managers themselves become at-risk of leaving the organization. Suddenly, those “good workers” who were rewarded with a promotion for their hard work and dedication to the business, want to leave. So, how can we prevent this?

Prehabbing top talent

Instead of waiting to invest in building effective leadership skills until a leader is burned out, overwhelmed or unprepared, consider taking a proactive, data-driven approach.

At ADVISA, we partner with organizations to create effective leaders at every level through three individual learning experiences designed to help with the prehabbing of top talent. These include:

Emerging Leaders Series

For individual contributors who are navigating their transition into leadership for the first time. This learning experience helps up-and-coming leaders form a leadership mindset and begin to increase their influence. (Learn more)

Leadership Fundamentals

For front-line people leaders, Leadership Fundamentals builds and enables the skills a person needs to build effective relationships, support high-performing teams, and drive results through those they lead. (Learn more)

ADVISA Leadership Academy

For leaders of departments, divisions, or entire organizations, the ADVISA Leadership Academy supports the skills and mindsets necessary to cast a vision, think strategically, and navigate the best interests of both people and business. (Learn more)

As Galvin wrote for Inc., “It has never been more important for business leaders to build the bosses they need.” Prehabbing top talent should be an initiative at every level from high-performing individual contributors to managers of people, now being asked to manage in a completely remote or hybrid workstyle. Organizations can prevent employee disengagement and top talent from leaving by focusing on arming leaders [at every level] with the data, insights and coaching they need to succeed.


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