Engagement Built on Self-Awareness

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Have you ever wondered if your engagement or employee experience survey is leading to real change? Or have you found yourself stuck trying to get leadership to act on the engagement data you worked so hard to collect from your employees? If either question resonates with you, we hope you’ll gain a lot from this episode of Leadership Talks. BJ and ADVISA’s Andrea Armstrong talk through the two critical elements that would ensure engagement data leads to real behavior change.


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Come away from this conversation between BJ and Andrea with ideas for framing up meetings with your CEO and with the senior leadership team. You will also learn a step-by-step, meeting by meeting, process for ‘de-risking’ the engagement survey leading to real action for your employees.


If you’re currently not utilizing The Predictive Index but are interested in learning more about Talent Optimization and how to diagnose disengagement, you can reach out to BJ directly with any questions. And, if you are currently a client of ADVISA’s and would like to learn more about the Diagnose module, please reach out to your consultant with questions.



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And, to connect with BJ directly with questions or future episode topics, click here.