Leadership Talks is ADVISA Senior Leadership Consultant BJ McKay’s video series (and upcoming podcast). In each episode, BJ dives into one of his sessions on leadership and applying data and insights from The Predictive Index®.


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In BJ’s latest episode, he digs into the benefits of hiring to a job target and vetting candidates.



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leadership talks hostAn experienced public speaker, BJ creates an engaging digital experience by incorporating special guests as well as downloadable episode companions for viewers who want to dig deeper into leadership development and talent optimization.

“My focus is to take concepts and turn them into actionable habits and behaviors for leaders. Using PI provides us the mechanism to prove that not all paths are the same when it comes to what a person needs to do to develop in a given area.”


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Self-Awareness: The ego's antidote

Maybe your Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ results are not about sharing who you really are. Maybe they are about making sense of who you are pretending to be. Maybe they are about unmasking the childhood hurts and the growing pains of being human you have suffered. I feel, as a PI Practitioner and consultant, that we tend to over identify with our PI results—boasting about them at times to validate a more ‘false self.’  We often use them as a rationalization or an excuse for nonperformance in many areas of our lives, especially in relationships…


Living Out My Values is Exhausting

I’m fortunate to have been born in America, to two strong parents in suburbia Pennsylvania. I was also born a white male, which gave me yet another decided advantage in life. It was as if I was born five feet from the finish line, when others in the same race start from 100 miles away.  Life is not fair. Many of the most successful people, by general standards, had a decided advantage that they had nothing to do with. I feel strongly that I am one of those people. Now, I do feel I’ve taken advantage of opportunities given to me and I have worked hard. Success can be easily lost, and often is for those who were basically gifted it from birth. I can at least say, at age 38, that I feel I have not squandered that gift…


A useful question for the best leaders

Can we all agree the workplace, and the world, are unfair places? I’ll assume you agree. Bad things happen to good people, and our best efforts are often not recognized or fall painfully short of someone else’s expectations. As I work and train high potential leaders within my client companies, I’ve found a question that is asked everyday by the most impressive of the bunch in order to address those experiences…