Leadership Talks

Leadership Talks is ADVISA Senior Leadership Consultant BJ McKay’s video series (and upcoming podcast). In each episode, BJ dives into one of his sessions on leadership and applying data and insights from The Predictive Index®.

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In this episode, BJ provides a PI masterclass on how to make culture change tangible. Not broad platitudes, but concrete actions. You’ll want to have previous understanding of The Predictive Index® to make the most of this episode.

Past Episodes

Employee Retention and Turnover

Dig into what a leader can actually do to start solving the root causes of turnover in each category. In this short episode, BJ breaks down the fundamental drivers for retention issues: jobs, teams, leaders and culture.

SIOP Top 10 Work Trends List

What are leaders supposed to do with a Top 10 Work Trends list from SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology)? Join BJ in this episode as he turns these themes into simple and actionable steps to take for leaders at any level of an organization. Together, you’ll work through how to get out of the jargon and into the real behavior that is the hallmark of excellent leadership.

The Art of Influence without Authority

Do you struggle to be heard in your current role? Have you found yourself in negotiations or selling situations, and were unable to advance? Are you tired of useless meetings that seem to repeat themselves? If you said “yes” to any of these, then get out your notebook for this Leadership Talks session.

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Do you have a question for BJ or maybe an idea for a future episode of Leadership Talks? Reach out today and share your thoughts directly with BJ. And if you’re not quite ready to connect, learn more about ADVISA’s approach to creating magnetic cultures through leader effectiveness.