Hiring to a Job Target

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Have you ever had the opportunity to earn a job that wasn’t a good fit for you? Chances are, at some point between reading the job description and completing the final interview in the process, a red light flashed in your head signaling this job wasn’t right. Regardless of the reason, most people have extended or accepted a job offer knowing it very likely wouldn’t work out in the long run. So, how can we prevent losing time interviewing and hiring the wrong candidates for the wrong positions?


Benchmarking Through A Job Target

In this episode of “Leadership Talks,” Senior Leadership Consultant BJ McKay sits down with ADVISA Training Specialist Matt Frongillo to discuss the difference between hiring for a job and hiring to a job target. They dig into how The Predictive Index┬« can provide behavioral and cognitive data that makes vetting job candidates easier and more effective for hiring managers.


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As you watch BJ and Matt, consider some of the following questions regarding hiring at your organization:

  1. On average, how long does it take to hire a person for a position from the moment you publish the opportunity to receiving a signed acceptance letter or job offer?
  2. Do you experience regular churn in one or more role or department within your organization?
  3. Have managers complained they aren’t interviewing enough “qualified candidates”?
  4. Are you frustrated with your current hiring process?

If you’re currently not utilizing The Predictive Index in your hiring process but are interested in learning more, you can reach out to BJ directly with any questions. And, if you are currently a client of ADVISA’s and would like to learn more about the Job, Behavioral or Cognitive Assessments, please reach out to your consultant with questions or register to attend an upcoming PI Demo Session or Talent Optimization Friday.



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And, to connect with BJ directly with questions or future episode topics, click here.