Focus on Leadership and Culture

At ADVISA, we believe that people data drives wise talent and culture strategies. Our Leadership + Culture Assessment™ measures an organization’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent. It also provides a snapshot of how consistently leaders display 16 behaviors linked to leader effectiveness and connection. This data gives leadership teams the objective information they need to identify opportunities for improvement and create a plan for fostering intentional connection at all four levels – job, manager, team, and culture.

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Looking to diagnose what’s working (and what’s not) on the people side of your business? Let’s start with a few questions.

What are your organization's most important strategic initiatives over the next 5 years?
What areas will your organization need to perform well in to achieve those strategic initiatives?
What behaviors will your leaders need to be able to demonstrate to reach those strategic initiatives?
Which 2 challenges are you most concerned will derail your strategic initiatives?