And Yet: Two Words that will Change Your Life and Your Business

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Years ago, my sister taught me the power of two small words: “and yet.” She is a wife, mom of five, grandma of seven, retired English teacher, published poet, and city council woman. And, she has used those two words to transform her tragedies into treasure, her pain into power, and her disappointments into decisions.


How it works

State something negative or challenging, add the words “and yet,” and finish the sentence with something positive. Here are a few of my “And Yets” for 2020:

  • 2020 has been an uncertain and challenging year; and yet, our team and our business have prospered beyond anything I could have imagined.
  • Working at home with three kids doing school, two German Shepherds barking and my husband remodeling our first floor has been a zoo; and yet, we have grown closer and made memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.
  • There were times I doubted myself as a leader this year; and yet, I am strengthened by the decisions I made based on my instincts and my values.
  • Our virtual annual meeting did not have the impact I had hoped for; and yet, it unlocked some great feedback and innovative thinking that will accelerate our growth.
  • The social, political, and racial conflict this year has been painful; and yet, we are more aware and committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion than ever before.


A leader’s ability to find the light in the darkest times and the opportunity in every challenge is what gives others the hope and resolve to keep going. I would love to hear your “and yet” statements for the year so that we can all be strengthened and transformed by the power of those two words.



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