Taking a Scientific Approach to Team Effectiveness

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about listening to “The Science.”  And for good reason.

“Science” is the intellectual and practical study of the physical, human and natural world through observation, measurement and experiment. To listen to science is to be informed by a proven and juried body of knowledge. It is to use tools and processes for inquiry and to draw evidence-based conclusions.

At ADVISA we help leaders apply science to optimize talent in the workplace.

We leverage an array of assessments, tools and training to drive individual, team and organizational change. Check out the article below for a fascinating deep dive into the science of team effectiveness. Learn about the underpinnings of The Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment based on William Marston’s pioneering work on personality and behavior, and how that work has been extrapolated to help teams discover their strengths and blind spots. Further, learn how Quinn and Rohrbaugh’s Competing Values Framework enables teams to map their behavioral strengths to their work objectives. This unique insight for teams can unlock unprecedented levels of engagement and productivity.

The research has been done. The tools exist. Read on for how to leverage the science in your organization to improve team effectiveness.



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