6 Tips for Maximizing Your PI Annual Fee

One of the frequently asked questions we get from our clients is, “Am I getting the most from my Predictive Index® annual fee?” We understand—and appreciate—that you, as a client, want to get the most for your money.

Here are our top six tips to maximize your PI Program.

  1. Take advantage of our PI® learning opportunities as often as you can. Here are examples of what we offer outside of PI® training:
    • Standing software demos every two weeks (click here for dates, times, and registration links)
    • PI® Fridays, which are short, monthly webinars meant to give you a variety of different ways to look at and use PI®
    • Attend INSPIRE, an event we host every eighteen months to allow our clients to gather together, hear speakers, and dive deeper into leadership using PI®
    • Audit a training for a refresher. Trained PI® analysts can attend the same training along with a new attendee from their company. Many people find they come away with new perspectives and ideas for how to use PI®!
  2. Join the movement at http://www.talentoptimization.org. It’s a place online where PI® clients worldwide come together to pose questions, discuss, and learn more about the work they can do with PI®.
  3. Set a goal to make PI a part of your culture. Work with your leadership consultant on a plan to integrate PI® into coaching sessions, career planning, and people-related strategy initiatives.
  4. Take the time to benchmark your jobs—especially the ones you hire for frequently. Contact us for guidance on how to optimize your hiring process.
  5. Once you have your jobs benchmarked, use PI® early in your hiring process, for every candidate.
  6. Use the Team Work Styles report in the PI® software to help you build new teams or examine the dynamics of existing teams.
  7. Talk with your leadership consultant at least once a quarter about your business initiatives, challenges, and updates. Use them as a resource for your people strategy and to make sure your talent is optimized.

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If you’d like to discuss how the above can help your team, please contact us!

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