Leadership Diversity Scholarship

In pursuit of our mission to build effective teams, leaders and cultures because everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive at work, we boldly acknowledge that diversity makes us better—more creative, more empathetic, and more effective. Further, when people with diverse backgrounds and identities become stronger leaders, entire departments, teams, organizations and communities benefit.

We commit to:

  • Actively recruit program participants who represent all facets of diversity – neurodivergence, race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age, and ability.
  • Help leaders understand and embrace differences to create healthy, high performing work cultures.

It’s with this commitment to advancing and supporting diversity in leadership, that we are proud to introduce the ADVISA Leadership Diversity Scholarship.

How the scholarship works

Each year, ADVISA offers no less than two, fully funded scholarships to our Leadership Academy, Leadership Fundamentals and Emerging Leader Series learning experiences to leaders from under-represented groups who are eager to grow their skills and positively influence their organizations.

Successful applicants will (1) clearly articulate why this learning experience will be of personal benefit as well as positively impact their current employer, (2) describe how their perspective and ideas will strengthen the learning of the broader cohort, and (3) share how this scholarship opens up a development pathway that might not be available otherwise.

Applications for the Spring cohort are open January 15th – February 16th!

Please read through each step of the application process before submitting your information for consideration. Applications are currently open for submission.

  1. Interested applicants should first discuss the program schedule with their supervisor as each learning experience requires time and energy outside of regular work responsibilities.
  2. Then, apply for the scholarship by submitting written responses via the form on this page or send a video recording to information@advisausa.com. Please note applications that do not match with either written or recorded responses will not be considered.
  3. The selected scholarship recipients will be notified by a member of the A-Team at least two week prior to the launch of their learning experience.

Apply for the Leadership Diversity Scholarship