PI Cognitive Assessment

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ consists of 50 multiple-choice questions from three cognitive ability categories (verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning) and nine subcategories. Essentially, it assesses the rate at which a person can learn—rapid knowledge acquisition. If change is a constant in your organization, pay special attention to cognitive ability.

cognitive ability chart

Beyond the Behavioral Assessment

The PI Cognitive Assessment gives us unique information about job candidates that the Behavior Assessment and other typical hiring tools can’t provide. We can measure the likelihood someone will be capable of learning the job, independently figuring things out, and demonstrating necessary problem-solving skills.

The Cognitive Assessment is built into the Predictive Index platform and provides a seamless user and candidate experience and can be benchmarked against your own target score. It must be used with a cognitive job target benchmark and should not be used as a stand-alone data point.

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Ready to see the Cognitive Assessment for yourself?

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