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  1. Free consult with Heather Haas. Schedule a follow-up meeting with Heather to discuss the specific succession planning, culture or people challenges you’re experiencing at your firm. This consult is free.
  2. 50% off a learning experience for you or a high potential attorney or staff member in your firm. We will provide you with a promo code to be used in registration for any of our upcoming learning experiences, including the Emerging Leader Series, Leadership Fundamentals and Leadership Academy.
  3. 50% off an executive coaching package for you or a high potential attorney or staff member in your firm. We will schedule time with one of our certified executive coaches at your convenience. This coaching experience includes an emotional intelligence assessment.
  4. Free virtual team dynamics session for up to 5 people. This 2-hour session includes the Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment for all participants and will be led by a certified Leadership Consultant. Participants will gain catalytic self-awareness about their communication tendencies, risk tolerance and work preferences as well as gain insight into how their colleagues are wired to behave at work.

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