Self-Awareness and the Ego

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Self-awareness is the ego’s antidote.

The relationship between self-awareness and the ego is simple to understand but difficult to keep in mind day-to-day, relationship to relationship. This is because the ego is constantly saying, “I’m not enough.” And while we try not to let that little voice creep into our head space, it’s very often easier said than done.

For example, consider how many times you’ve felt disrespected or marginalized? Maybe you’ve felt ignored by others? These feelings are because of the ego. And, it’s time to stop allowing it hijack our responses.

In this Leadership Talks episode, BJ discusses how to regain your locus of control, regardless of your role or title. He digs into personal accountability, taking ownership of what’s happening in the environment you’re in, and separating yourself from people and things outside your sphere of control.

Print out your PI pattern, grab a notebook and pen, and dig into the source of many problems you’ve likely experienced in your career when dealing with other people.

We hope you enjoy this next installment in the Leadership Talks series.


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