Coaches Corner: Budgets and Priorities

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Nora, Brian and BJ are back in the “Coaches Corner” talking about leadership development from the vantage point of an HR Director, Vice President or similar leader who is working to start an effective and engaging leadership development program.

In this Leadership Talk, the team tackles this common, and frustrating, statement from the person in leadership who needs to fund the program:


We love what you’ve shared with us, and truly need this type of investment in our leadership at every level.  However, we don’t have budget for this.


Budgets and Priorities

Budgets and priorities are intertwined when it comes to the overall business strategy of an organization. Prioritized tactics are ensured investment, while others are often left on the cutting room floor once budgets are confirmed.

Brian, Nora and BJ will discuss how human resources managers, directors and vice presidents can create new business priorities that promote leadership development even when the budget “isn’t there.”

Questions to consider:

  1. What approaches have a higher likelihood of working?
  2. If a leadership development initiative is not deemed a priority, how can you make a more solid case for the investment?
  3. How do budget objections correlate to accountability challenges with leadership?


Learn from this team of leadership and organization development consultants tactics to take a program from concept to green light.

We hope you enjoy this next installment in our Leadership Talks series on leadership development.



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