How do you grow and develop leaders inside your company?

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In recent years, organizations of all sizes have launched internal leadership development programs in an effort to improve retention and help identify the next generation of leadership. In this episode of “Leadership Talks,” hear from Nora Elder and Brian James as we discuss the practical realities of starting such a program from an organizational leader’s perspective.


Grow and develop leaders internally

Dig into why leadership development is important, how it works and what needs to happen to ensure success in under 10 minutes.

Key takeaways include:

  1. It’s important to have competencies, or areas of ability, that drive specific behaviors in leaders. Once you know those competencies, you can develop programming that drives and supports those behaviors.
  2. To continue to maintain relevance in the marketplace, executives must be able to handle ambiguity and manage change.
  3. If there’s no foundational work being done on mission, vision, values and culture, take a step back and consider desired business results. Training and development should be able to tie into business goals.

If you are ready for real world insights into how to launch or even evaluate your own leadership program, this conversation is for you.



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