Win the Great Land Run of 2020 with an Intentional People Strategy

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As recently as two months ago, the landscape of the marketplace was seemingly well settled and balanced with predictable patterns and identified players. However, a global pandemic has created vast arrays of unclaimed territory. Today, there are many horizons that appear developed but under the surface are waiting to be claimed.

What has been created is a “land run” of sorts. Depicted in the 1992 Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman film Far and Away, a land run was an event in which previously restricted land was opened to homestead on a first come, first serve basis.

Similarly, now many markets (old and new alike) are opening for “homesteading”. As businesses set their sights towards these strategic targets, several questions arise:

  • Do we have what we need to execute this strategic initiative?
  • Can we move fast enough to stake our claim?
  • What do we need to successfully beat the competition?

At the heart of these questions is people. And, companies with an intentional people strategy have the greatest possibility of winning.


Develop an Intentional People Strategy

ADVISA and The Predictive Index® suite of tools can help companies win this race in at least three specific ways.

  • Know Who You Have – There is no better time than now to look intentionally at the core wiring of the people who make up your company. If you are a Predictive Index client, this means reviewing data and collecting assessments on employee who haven’t completed the Behavioral Assessment™. If you are considering becoming a client, this is the first step. Establishing a baseline understanding of the core wiring of team members creates a 3-D understanding of who you are in the trenches with.
  • Know Who You Don’t Have – “Homesteading” the territories you are targeting has specific associated strategies. Your ADVISA Leadership Consultant can help you use the Predictive Index tools to map the fits and gaps between that strategy and the incumbent people. This will shine a light on any blind spots as you seek to “shoot the gap” with speed and precision to stake your claim.
  • Know Who You Need – With the clarity of the steps above, you can now use the Predictive Index Job Assessment™ and the thought partnership of your Leadership Consultant to create PI Behavioral Assessment Job Targets to rapidly assess the fits and gaps of the key people you seek. In the midst of this land run, the number of applicants will likely be immense and instant clarity will facilitate the necessary speed to win.

Don’t let uncertainty paralyze you from “homesteading” unclaimed territory. If you don’t stake your claim with an intentional people strategy, someone else will.

Contact ADVISA or your Leadership Consultant and let us help slingshot you ahead in the “Land Run of 2020”.



To learn more about intentional people strategy, read “Crush Your Talent Strategy in 2020 with These 4 Insights” by Leadership Consultant Stephanie Murphy.

And, don’t miss “The Missing Link: Talent Optimization” by ADVISA’s President Heather Haas.