ADVISA’s Recommended Reading List for 2022

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For three years now, the A-Team has been reading and listening to some fantastic books. We’ve been sharing them internally, discussing them over Zoom and coffee, and preparing a comprehensive list to share at the start of the new year for you.

The recommended reading list for 2022 reflects many of the challenges, solutions discovered, and general optimism we experienced in 2021. We hope you find a few new reads to add to your list for 2022.

Reading list for 2022

The Psychology of Money

Morgan Housel writes a great blend of history, self-awareness, perception, and behavior and the confluence of those facets of life with money. Because so much of business success and our daily lives involves money, this is a great book for any person regardless of income, background or position as a leader.

The Business of Choice

Written by Matthew Willcox, this book is about how human instinct and heuristics influence our decisions, and the foundations of behavioral economics, which anyone trying to get anyone to do anything should know about.

Lost Connections

Written by investigative journalist Johann Hari, who uncovers the scientific evidence for nine different causes of depression and anxiety, and tangible solutions that surprise. A must read!

Think Again

Renowned author and organizational psychologist Adam Grant digs into the power of unlearning and rethinking in a changing world. A great, eye-opening read.


Written by Greg McKeown, this read is a natural progression from his previous book, Essentialism. It’s about making the most essential activities in your world also the easiest. It’s a great partner to any reading you might already be doing on behavior change.

Also, look for McKeown’s podcast, “What’s Essential”, inspired by both these books.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

This work of fiction by V.E. Schwab is all about relationships, music, culture, and art. Ultimately, it is a book about finding yourself, what matters most to you, and the legacy you want to leave behind.

The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters

Whether you’re planning a large conference, or taking a close look at a weekly meeting that has lost its pizazz (or never had it in the first place), this book by Priya Parker explores the guiding theories on gathering and helps you understand how to create meaningful events that have a defined purpose. Her tips and stories apply to weddings, work meetings, and even dinner parties. A fun work-read that has lots of takeaways!

We hope you find something new to dig into from this reading list for 2022 and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.


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