Confidence, Fear and Decision Making

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During times of uncertainty, crisis and insecurity, it is natural to experience fear. Fear is natural (and normal) during times of radical change from whatever we deem routine. As leaders, it is important to have awareness of how fear is working on us, and to be able to process that fear prior to making decisions. This mental and emotional jujitsu match is the motivation behind the talent optimization podcast produced below on the relationship between confidence, fear and decision making.

Leadership Talks

Consider this an intentional pause as a leader to think, and plan through a 40-minute guided exploration of confidence, fear and decision making through the lens of The Predictive Index®. This is an opportunity for leaders to apply personal and team PI behavioral data in building self-awareness and to self-manage in an environment of crisis, uncertainty and fear. It is also important to note I am not here to do the thinking for you or solve your challenges. Look at your data, use your previous PI training, lean into your experience as a leader and think about yourself and the people you are responsible for influencing.

Work through the content to:

  • Understand how fear works on your personal PI behavioral pattern
  • Create a plan to mitigate that fear and build productive habits in spite of it
  • Build a road map to better lead and manage your team

Prerequisite knowledge:

  • Understanding of your own PI pattern, high and low drives, and factor emphasis combinations
  • Bonus: Already completed “Inspire People to Perform” (formerly “Managing People to Perform”) or Driving Results with Talent (formerly “Becoming a PI Practitioner”) courses through ADVISA

Watch the recorded podcast:

If you are interested in reviewing this content as it relates to  individual drives use the links below for A, B, C and D individually:

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