ADVISA Training Update: Staying Healthy

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Here at ADVISA, we take pride in our approach to training. From the moment someone registers through the actual time they spend in our office with our team, we strongly believe our ability to train and educate our clients is what sets us apart from other talent optimization and leadership development firms. In fact, for the past two months ADVISA has been number one in the world – training over 300 managers and executives in The Predictive Index system so far in 2020.

And while our in-person training is valuable and helpful to clients, we prioritize the health of those individuals over any certification. That’s why we have taken the following steps amidst concerns of the Coronavirus, or COVID19.

The health of our clients and employees is our top priority.

If you’re joining us for training in our Carmel, Indiana office, we want you to know the following:

  1. If you’re visibly sick, we’ll kindly invite you to reschedule.
  2. There is no pressure to shake hands with other participants.
  3. All common areas at our office (training room tables, chairs, door handles, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances and surfaces) are disinfected and sanitized daily.
  4. We’ve got plenty of hand sanitizer and can also provide bleach wipes upon request.

For more information on COVID19, we encourage you to visit the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization. And, if you have concerns that you would like to discuss with our team prior to your training with ADVISA, please contact us today.