Prioritizing mental health in the workplace feat. ADVISA’s Heather Haas

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Who’s felt any stress over the last few years?

OK, you can lower your hand now. You’ll need it to click on the video below.

In this panel, hosted by our friends at Powderkeg, ADVISA CEO Heather Haas offers insights on the connection between emotional intelligence > effective leadership > magnetic work cultures.

The way leaders behave in the workplace largely defines the culture that the company’s employees experience. So those behaviors are critical for business success.

That starts with showing up healthy and well. Otherwise, very real conditions like burnout can happen. Leaders can’t afford to neglect their mental health, and companies literally can’t afford for their leaders not to be healthy.

Hear from Heather below on the importance of emotional intelligence – along with Keven Bailey, co-founder and CEO of Dreamfuel, who shines a light on mental performance.

Post-pandemic, one book in particular, really resonated with Heather and the team at ADVISA, Burnout by the Nagoski sisters.

“Your emotions have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And what can happen to us is we’re so busy and constantly on-the-go that we never let our emotions finish. So it can be like a pipe, where these half-finished emotions get stuck.”

ADVISA CEO Heather Haas, guest panelist at Powderkeg’s Mental Performance Summit

The good news is EQ (AKA emotional intelligence) is something that can be learned.

Want to know how? Reach out and one of our Leadership Consultants can share the training that is readily available – whether it’s for you, for your team, or for your whole company.


Burnout by Emily Nagoski PhD and Amelia Nagoski DMA