2023 State of Talent Optimization Report

Discover what over 150 leaders are concerned about when it comes to hiring, retaining top talent and work culture.

Today’s talent economy is unpredictable

The Predictive Index® and StudioID conducted a comprehensive survey of 150+ executives across different industries, titles and organization sizes. By analyzing their responses, they uncovered four major themes that clue us into the current state of talent optimization in the business world today.

  • Data-driven decision making leads to better hiring outcomes
  • Upskilling your leadership team can drive productivity and create more organizational value
  • Building cohesive teams is also a key factor in achieving a stronger ROI for your business
  • Employee disengagement remains a top concern for many organizations

At ADVISA, we help our clients create effective teams, leaders, and culture to become places where people love to work. With help from our talent optimization experts, you can navigate the current talent landscape and create strategies that will help you drive business results.

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