Wellness-Driven Leadership




ADVISA, 211 W Main Street, Suite 200, Carmel, IN 46032


July Cohort
All sessions 9 AM - 11:30 AM ET
July 23, 2024
Aug 20, 2024
Sept 17, 2024
Oct 15, 2024

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Who is this for?

Wellness-Driven Leadership is for leaders who are ready to +1 their leadership and become a more well-rounded leader. These leaders believe that wellness isn’t just a buzzword or a tactic – understanding and caring for employee wellness is table stakes.

About the Series

  • Through the Wellness-Driven Leadership program, leaders will reflect on and manage their own personal wellness, learn their role in supporting employee wellness, and influence their organization’s current wellness landscape.
  • This program is 4-months long, in-person, with 2.5-hour sessions monthly.

Course Description

Each 2.5-hour session builds upon the last to create a strong foundation for wellness-driven leadership.

In Session 1: Personal Wellness, leaders will:

    • Learn what wellness is by utilizing the framework of the Wellness Wheel
    • Gather data on their wellness current state and build a toolkit to take action

In Session 2: Wellness Management, leaders will:

    • Discover current roadblocks to achieving wellness
    • Learn the warning signs of burnout and how to effectively manage personal and team burnout

In Session 3: Team Wellness, leaders will:

    • Learn how to effectively build connection in the workplace through the lens of wellbeing and the Wellness Wheel

In Session 4: Influencing Wellness at Work, leaders will:

    • Audit their organization’s current wellness landscape and create an action plan on how they might influence areas of opportunity