Riverview Leadership Academy

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Step 1: Introductory Video with ADVISA CEO Heather Haas
Follow this link to watch an introductory video with ADVISA CEO Heather Haas highlighting the importance of Emotional Intelligence in effective leadership.

Step 2: Prep Work Part 1 via Lessonly
Using ADVISA’s e-learning platform Lessonly, complete the prep work ahead of taking the EQ-i to better understand what to expect from the assessment. Access that prep work using this link: Riverview Health EQ-i Prep Work Part 1

Step 3: Take the EQ-i Assessment
Once you’ve watched the introductory video and completed Part 1 of the prep work, you are now ready to take the EQ-i assessment.

  • Please allow for 30 minutes to complete the assessment
  • You must complete the assessment in one sitting or the system will not save your answers
  • Reach out to scoffington@ADVISAusa.com with any questions or troubleshooting needs

Take the assessment here: Riverview Health EQ-i Assessment

Step 4: Complete the Prep Work Part 2 via Lessonly
When ADVISA has received your completed EQ-i assessment, they will share your results directly via email. With your results in-hand, please complete Part 2 of the prep work, an introduction to interpreting your results, via Lessonly. Access that prep work using this link: Riverview Health EQ-i Prep Work Part 2

Step 5: Schedule your 1:1 Coaching Sessions
Congrats! You’ve completed all of the preparation needed ahead of Session 2: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. The only remaining action item is to watch for an email from Sean Coffington (scoffington@ADVISAusa.com) with an invitation to schedule your 1:1 sessions with an ADVISA Coach.