Create a Culture of Connection

Lonely and disconnected employees cost organizations $406 billion every year. They have higher turnover risk, lower quality of work, and more missed workdays according to Harvard Business Review.

At ADVISA, we have 37 years of helping leaders create 4 levels of connection for their employees – Job, Manager, Team, and Culture.

  1. Job connection is achieved when people get to use their natural strengths in doing their work and when they have the tools and training to excel.
  2. Team connection is the positive energy that exists between people when goals and roles and clear and when people collaborate and communicate effectively.
  3. Employee-to-manager connection is achieved when employees feel safe, challenged, and valued.
  4. Culture connection is achieved when people are aligned with and inspired by the mission/vision/values of the organization, and when they feel a sense of belonging within the work environment.

Our Leadership + Culture Assessment is the first step to creating a people strategy that prioritizes connection and equips leaders with the tools and skills to build trust and shared purpose with their teams. Fill out this form for a chance to have your executive team and key leaders take this Assessment and experience a debrief with one of our Leadership Consultants at no charge.

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