Echoes of Excellence

Learning through the experiences of others

Every day, we set out to improve the world, one leader at a time. We believe that leadership is a journey, not an event. And to truly inspire change, we must transform leaders, not just train them. Hear firsthand how our work is impacting leaders at all levels.

Inspire People to Perform 2024 Participants

“Coming out of this training, I will be more self-aware of how my profile meshes or clashes with others. I will consciously try and collaborate with managers and coworkers to be more productive for myself and the company.”

“What I have learned today will help me become a better leader by having a more indepth understanding of the PI of my coworkers, superiors and teams.”

Leadership Academy 2024 Participants

“Wished I would have had this training a long time ago.”

“The coaching exercises are fantastic, and it was a great way to flesh things out with a peer and build a relationship.”

Leadership Fundamentals 2024 Participants

“The real world examples are great. Helps to put these topics into practice in a good setting before applying in the real world.”

“This training is very spot on and helpful.”

“This was such a different experience than I was expecting. I enjoyed it so much and the time flew by.”

“Everyone is LOVING this training.”

“I like that half the time we are working with groups and participating and the other half of the time we are listening to lecture. It allows both types of learners to learn.”

“I feel like this training was well thought out and presented even better.”

“I just enjoyed and learned the whole time. There is nothing I can think of to improve.”

“The session was fantastic and the most informative one I have had yet. I really learned some great skills and insights to bring back to my team and get the alignment and collaboration even more clear.”

“I like the tangible use case that we can act on immediately.”

“The session was highly informative and allowed our team to engage openly and comfortably. A highly engaging experience!”

“One of the best presenters on leadership I’ve had the pleasure of learning from.”

Leadership Diversity Scholarship 2024 Participants

“The insights you gain from different organizations, and different roles is incredibly valuable. At times, we can get micro focused on our organization and our roles, but this opportunity allows you to view from different companies, industries and cultural backgrounds.”

“It has been an incredible experience for me in that I have sharpened professional skills to empower others around me to pursue their goals and passions throughout their work. Additionally, I have gained connections with leaders in a variety of industries that have challenged and supported me throughout my own journey of leadership development. Personally, the program has shined a light on who I am as a person while providing me with instruments to implement in everyday life.”

“Professionally, it made me take a step back from my everyday norm. My way of thinking and handling situations is more calculated and intentional than ever before. Personally, I’ve learned to slow down and see what I truly value in life and manage my energy based on those values. I am a people pleaser at heart, so this realization had a huge impact on me.”

“This program is teaching me that I have to know myself and as well as know others to lead well. It has shown me that I need to see how I am accountable for my behavior and my reactions to situations. It has shown me that I have to find those things that I can control and own those and for those things that I have no control over, I have to find creative ways to adapt to those situations.”

“This program had a major impact on me personally and professionally. It gave me so many tools to navigate work situations, as well as helped me understand what my drives are at work, as well as those I lead and interact with.”