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Status of women in the workplaceAt ADVISA, we believe effective leaders maximize the potential of all team members, regardless of gender. When companies achieve gender balance, they gain a competitive advantage. This seems obvious, but recent workplace equity studies indicate that imbalances persist.

Women are arguably more educated than at any point in American history, even outpacing their male counterparts in undergraduate and graduate degree attainment. Why, then, are women underutilized in the workplace at large? What does gender balance (or imbalance) look like at your company?

To start a conversation about gender balance in your organization, send us a note today.


New Directions
We often think of new directions applying to us only when we are young. As we mature, we often assume that there are no new directions, only the old ones. But the need for new directions arises again and again in our lives, not just once upon a time, but all the time. Sandy will guide us through the questions, “How do we move from a career that helped to define who we are to discovering who we may become?” and “How do we decide what to do with our time when nothing fills it?” Sandy’s presentation celebrates the words of Robert Frost: “The afternoon knows what the morning never expected.”

Sandy Sasso


Bringing the Past to the Present
There are no stories quite as powerful as those handed down to us. Within them are clues to not only who and where we come from, but who we are and how we belong. The stories seldom answer our questions. They mostly serve to ask them. When standing on the threshold of change, when there are questions and few, if any answers, Carol will illuminate the path of the ancestors to help discover what questions their stories are asking of us today.


Carol Faenzi

Author & Coach

Who Shall We Yet Become?
When asked what the favorite period of his career was, Picasso answered, “The next one.” Memory and anticipation—that hinged duality between which the real story of our life plays out—offers a daily landscape of terror, desire, disappointment, and joy abundant. Willow will take us on a journey that examines her certainty that: This life is not what I expected, nor will it ever be. She will guide us to remember, learn, and savor, yet ever anticipate what is to come with a sense of wonder, discovery, courage, and passion. Yes, the reality is “we are what we are.” But who we shall yet become is, as Shakespeare once said, “The stuff that dreams were made on.”

Willow Hambrick

Writer & Educator

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