ADVISA Women's Field Trip Event

At ADVISA, we believe effective leaders maximize the potential of all team members, regardless of gender. When companies achieve gender balance, they gain a competitive advantage. This seems obvious, but recent workplace equity studies indicate that imbalances persist.

Status of women in the workplace

Women are arguably more educated than at any point in American history, even outpacing their male counterparts in undergraduate and graduate degree attainment. Why, then, are women underutilized in the workplace at large? What does gender balance (or imbalance) look like at your company?

To start a conversation about gender balance in your organization, send us a note today.

Event Details

Upcoming Field Trip Details

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Who should attend?

ADVISA welcomes everyone to our Field Trip series!

Why should I attend a Field Trip?

Field Trip exists to help you:

  • Question your “should’s”
  • Embody the totality of your experiences
  • Integrate your personal and professional self
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