Lead Like a Womxn

Last year, women leaders left their roles in companies across industries at the highest rate in years, making the gap between men and women leaving the largest it’s ever been (2022 Women in the Workplace). Reasons for this dynamic shift seem to point to three culprits of disengagement: loneliness, exhaustion, and an overall sense of feeling stuck due to systemic bias and/or the burden of “invisible labor” that many women shoulder.

Join the Conversation: Gain Perspective and Practical Skills

As an exclusive opportunity for women who attended the USPOULTRY’s 2023 Women’s Leadership Conference, Heather Haas will be leading a 2-hour virtual Mini Masterclass highlighting the following skills for increasing agency and influence.

  • Being assertive without being a #@^$%!
  • Expressing emotion without being emotional
  • Leveraging data to open conversations and effectively drive change

This Mini Masterclass is limited to only 25 participants and will be facilitated via ZOOM. Attendees of the Women’s Leadership Conference will receive a special discount code. Registration is first come, first served so if you’re interested, please fill out this form and we will email you the discount code along with the link to registration. We look forward to meeting you!

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