Principles for Creating Organizational Alignment

Working in the S.T.R.aT.A.-sphere

Organizational alignment allows a business to maximize the power of all of its resources. Everyone heads in the same direction. Employee engagement reaches its highest level. Organizations are able to maximize profits and results.

This whitepaper explains how to achieve organizational alignment by adhering to five S.T.R.aT.A. Principles, defining and giving examples for each:

  • Strategy
  • Tenets
  • Resources
  • Tactics
  • Activities

These five principles help create clear linkage between everyday activities and overall strategy, with built-in decision barometers to guide people to making the correct choices. These apply equally well to organizations, departments, teams, projects and individuals. They help you determine what to KEEP doing, what to ALTER, and what to STOP doing.

Author Todd Gross, an ADVISA Senior Management Consultant, has facilitated business planning sessions for dozens of clients across many industries. In the past five years of his career, he has focused more strongly on this area, learning directly from clients’ experiences about the successes and failures of traditional strategic planning along the way. As a result, he takes a more holistic approach to business planning and infuses his guidance with the people-expertise provided by the Predictive Index® behavioral assessment tool.