Aberdeen Group Research Brief

Building a High-Performance Culture

How important are assessments to business success?  Here’s a quote from a recent Aberdeen Group study:

“….top performing companies are achieving exceptional results due in part to their ability to use assessment data to make better talent decisions on an individual and organizational level.” 
– Aberdeen Group Research Brief, Building a High-Performance Culture, Oct. 2011

This research provides additional evidence of the bottom-line value assessments bring to hiring, identifying future leaders, and maximizing performance. Here are more highlights:

  • Top-performing organizations achieved, on average, 85% of the organization’s overall goals in the previous year as compared to just 66 percent goal achievement among Laggards. This striking contrast in performance parallels a striking contrast in the use of assessment tools.
  • Across the board, “best-in-class” companies place greater value on assessment data as part of their decision-making process for hiring, assigning teams, and in building development and succession plans.
  • Assessments were among the most common enablers of the success of “best-in-class” organizations, but the biggest differentiation between them and others was in post-hire use of assessments.