Smarter hiring to Get the Right People in the Right roles

Hiring is arguably the toughest and most important thing leaders do. You can either hire smart or manage tough. We help our clients hire smart with hiring tools like the Predictive Index® system. The PI methodology includes three basic elements: Require + Hire + Inspire.



Great hiring starts with a clear and accurate understanding of the behavioral and cognitive demands of a position. You cannot effectively market a position and attract the right talent (let alone select the best candidate) without the right talent acquisition strategies. In this case, that begins by first clearly defining what the role requires for long-term success.

Tool: The Job Assessment helps you objectively and efficiently benchmark the behavioral and cognitive demands of every position in your organization.

Team: We help you validate the Job Target against real performers in your company. This allows you to create a target range of behavioral and cognitive parameters to strengthen the screening criteria you are already using in evaluating job fit for qualified candidates.

Technology: Our technology platform allows for easy, secure administration of the Job Assessment with multiple stakeholders.


You want to hire the person who can best DO the job, not the person who can best GET the job. That means you need objective, valid pre-employment screening data about how people are wired to behave and solve problems over the long term to help you make an informed decision about job fit. The behaviors you see in the interview may or may not be the behaviors you see over the long haul. PI helps you predict how an individual’s natural strengths will line up with the fundamental demands of the position over time.

Tool: Candidates complete the PI survey online, giving you immediate access to the results in your secure accessPI portal. You can create narrative reports, candidate comparisons and group analytics.

Team: We help you use employee screening to compare candidates to the Job Target, which helps you resist the natural temptation to compare candidates to each other, resulting in hiring the person the team likes best. Our management consultants and client service professionals are at the ready to answer questions and help you make the best decision.

Technology: The accessPI software platform enables you to click and create Interview Guides that offer insightful fit/gap analysis for every candidate you are interviewing against a Job Target. This facilitates consistency when multiple people are involved in the interview process.



Your hiring process reflects on you and your business. Competing for top talent is more challenging than ever before, so your talent acquisition strategies matter – a lot. “Attracting and Selecting Top Performers” is the workshop that walks you through the steps necessary to:

  1. Define and artfully craft a job description and job posting,
  2. Attract the best-fitting candidates,
  3. Select and hire candidates who will thrive and perform in the role long term.

Our consultants and the insights from Predictive Index uniquely help you define the behavioral and cognitive requirements of a position, target ideal candidates and assess their fits and gaps. With Predictive Index, you’ll have critical talent acquisition tools and knowledge to improve your hiring accuracy and make screening more efficient.