“Growing your business” is code for improving sales results and crafting a meaningful strategic plan.

Develop a Sales Strategy that will Keep Your Business Booming

Revenue is the language every business speaks. There are four methods you can employ to improve sales results:

Product Training

Do people know how to describe what you do and how you do it in plain English?

Sales Strategy

Do our salespeople know the steps to move an opportunity from open to closed?

Sales Management

Do our salespeople know how to navigate the phases of a consultative sales process and leverage relevant skills within each phase to advance?

Sales Job Fit

Do we know how to identify hunters vs. farmers and cast people into roles where they get to use their natural strengths?


The bottom line is that the right salespeople (as measured by PI + LI), empowered with core sales training (as measured and then administered by our Customer-Focused Selling™ methodology), combined with A+ product knowledge, will sell more and sell more often.

Build the Right Foundation with Strategic Planning focused on your people

Roman Stoic Lucius Anneus Seneca once said, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” Do you know to which port you’re headed, what your route is and what winds are truly favorable? Is this understood and agreed upon across your organization?

We see strategic planning as an essential part of the foundation for a strong business. Our Organizational Talent Review distinguishes our approach from what you might find elsewhere. In this part of the project, we examine the current org chart in relation to your vision. We help you analyze the leadership pipeline, examine horizontal and vertical job fit and we challenge you to think about what future org design will be necessary to accomplish the vision. Predictive Index data is a strong component of this work.



Our role with strategic planning is to facilitate the process and encourage robust exploration of questions and ideas. You and your team are the subject matter experts. We’re your guide.


We aim to keep it simple. Our work focuses on helping you answer four critical questions:

+ Where are you now?
+ Where do you want to be?
+ How will you get there?
+ What will you use to measure your progress?


In the process of exploring these questions together, we often create the following:

+ Strengths/Weaknesses/Threats/Opportunities analysis (SWOT)
+ Mission, Vision and Values statements
+ A one-year Operational Plan
+ Key Performance Indicators at the individual level that correlate with the Operational Plan
+ Organizational Talent Review (learn more below)
+ Organizational Chart

Most strategic planning processes ignore the “human architecture” of the organization which is what leads to change management issues. Managing change is, very simply, managing people. Your people are the conduit to the successful execution of your strategic plan. In order to achieve your vision, your people have to work in new ways, adopt new paradigms and behave differently. Culture trumps strategy every time, hence why PI data is absolutely critical to your organizational planning process.