We believe that leadership development should be possible wherever you are. That’s why ADVISA offers virtual courses for leaders at various levels to transform new knowledge into sustainable behavior change and improved business results.

ADVISA Emerging Leader Series

What does it do?

The Emerging Leader Series is designed to build self-awareness, personal accountability, and the communication skills necessary to be in a future management position. Participants also work on managing conflict, organizational change, and team management skills.

Who is it for?

Millennials, or those who are early in their career journey, high-performing individual contributors, and individuals who want to learn about management as a possible springboard to their first leadership role.

How is it implemented?

This series is cohort-based: 6-8 participants per group with 6 months of weekly touchpoints, and 100% virtual. Weekly touchpoints include video, self-directed work, 90-minute virtual classroom sessions, and follow-up with the support of a mobile app.

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ADVISA Virtual Leadership Academy

What does it do?

Created as a virtual alternative to the popular in-person ADVISA Leadership Academy (ALA), this experience is designed to create and develop leaders in ways that yield results, promote effective behaviors that meet others’ needs, establish mutual purpose, build authentic trust-based relationships, and foster lifelong learning personally and professionally.

Who is it for?

Seasoned leaders with previous leadership development experience

How is it implemented?

  • 1-day In-Person Kick-Off Session
  • Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™, the EQ-i® Assessments, 1:1 Read-back and Professional Development Planning with ADVISA Executive Coach
  • 10, 90-minute Active Learning Sessions supported by mobile app
  • Learning Triads
  • Participant Manager Involvement

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What does it do?

The ADVISA Leadership Learning Community provides an exclusive opportunity for representatives from ADVISA client companies to connect, share information and experiences, and learn together in a virtual facilitated environment, moderated by Dr. Fredricka F. Joyner, Sr. Leadership & Organization Development Consultant, and Erin Wood, Leadership & Organization Development Consultant.

Who is it for?

ADVISA client companies working to “turn up the volume” on workplace engagement, with a passionate interest and influence in cultural engagement topics. Participants are diverse in industry, organizational size and geography.

How is it implemented?

  • Monthly one-hour teleconference
  • Topics are focused on different facets of workplace engagement
  • Format is highly interactive, and includes sharing by community members as well as regular dissemination of highlights from relevant research

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Our Facilitators

Dr. Fredricka Joyner. Ph.D.
An early adopter of virtual teaching and learning, Fredricka built and taught virtual and blended learning courses for ten years while on faculty at Indiana University, and now serves as lead designer for in-person and virtual instruction at ADVISA as a Sr. Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant.

Fredricka has won extensive awards and recognition for her virtual courses, mentored other faculty members on virtual course design, and has given national presentations on best practices in virtual learning. She is an adept communicator, and fosters a sense of true community among online participants which helps to develop a level of trust that is essential for effective learning. Read more about Fredricka here.

Brian James
Brian is a Leadership & Organization Development Consultant at ADVISA.  He is a certified facilitator in multiple leadership and selling programs with experience in delivering them to global organizations worldwide.  He brings exceptional group collaboration skills to his online sessions and a particularly warm and personable approach.  Prior to joining ADVISA, Brian spent over eight years in various roles with Elanco (Eli Lilly and Company). During his time at Elanco, Brian facilitated interactive virtual sessions with groups from all over the world focused on leadership development and sales growth. Read more about Brian here. 


Kate Fagan
Kate’s love and knowledge of facilitating instruction online began in an elementary classroom where she would create instructional videos for students who needed extra practice with the content. She then expanded this practice with high school students, teachers she coached [K-12], and professional development opportunities for those looking to build upon their leadership. After ten years in the world of education, Kate brought these skills to ADVISA. Read more about Kate here.


Brandon Wilson
Brandon’s passion for connecting with and developing people has been a lifelong journey that started in the classroom, teaching theater to middle and high school students. In his time at ADVISA, he has created and delivered online content to hundreds of participants focused on building leadership skills, while training more people in PI than any other facilitator in the world in 2016. Read more about Brandon here.


Nora Elder
Nora is passionate about applying data to support strong, effective workplace cultures. She is dedicated to making sure that clients get the most out of PI and ADVISA’s Emerging Leader Virtual Program—and that they have fun while doing it! Read more about Nora here.