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Jason Barnaby


Jason Barnaby’s PI profile is “Maverick”. As such he enjoys looking for “outside the box” solutions and encouraging his clients to do the same. Jason has been involved with leadership in one form or another since high school. Wherever he goes, his mission is to facilitate A-HA moments that spark lasting change. His professional journey has been maverick-like including a two-year stint as a ski bum in Colorado, a coffee shop owner and college professor in Europe, a corporate trainer, VP of sales and HR consultant.

Outside of professional pursuits, Jason enjoys playing guitar and leading music in churches, being a devoted husband of 22 years and a proud father of 3.  In April of this year, he published his first book, Igniting the Fire Starter Within, and enjoys speaking about that content around the country. You can find out more about Jason’s professional pursuits on his LinkedIn profile.