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Carol Faenzi

Executive Coach

Carol Faenzi is an author, public speaker and has a consulting/coaching practice which focuses on the leadership development of women.

Having a business career for many years which included building and selling a profitable real estate/services business (OfficePlus Corporation), she has experience both as an entrepreneur as well as working successfully in the international corporate world. (HQ Global Workplaces).

Carol decided to make a dramatic career shift twelve years ago, developing her creative abilities and designing a lifestyle which included writing books, developing her skills in public speaking and using her experience in working with women to advance their careers and leadership ability.

Her award winning book, “The Stonecutter’s Aria,” is historical fiction based on the true stories of her Italian immigrant ancestors from Carrara. A book tour and programs based on helping people preserve their family stories have evolved into other activities including writing a screenplay and creating The Stonecutter’s Aria Tour of Tuscany. Her web site www.mytuscanaria.com brings together the varied, but connected aspects of her work/life world.