Better Virtual Meetings lead to Better Business Results

In our current global climate, leaders are being transported into a new “virtual reality.” We have to discover a new sense of connection and communication outside the office or classroom. And, for many, this feels inauthentic or unreal. However, video is 100% real and it presents a great opportunity for leaders to build engagement and inspire team members while they are apart. Instead of treating virtual meetings like phone calls, consider them new points of connection that can improve productivity and employee satisfaction.


Learn How to Lead Better Virtual Meetings

Mike Elliott ADVISA
Leadership + Organization Development Specialist, Mike Elliott

Before taking off into this new frontier, join ADVISA’s resident Zoom pilot, Mike Elliott, for a Zoom Flight Simulator experience. Participants will be able to explore a Zoom meeting in a controlled environment, learning practical ways to offer an engaging online.

Practice and discover pro-tips including, but not limited to:

  • Zoom breakout rooms
  • Zoom annotation controls
  • Virtual whiteboards
  • Zoom polls
  • Audio and visual controls (with live feedback)

In addition, participants will learn how to combat the two enemies of virtual meetings: disconnection and distraction.


Register for the Zoom Flight Simulator

Find registration links and more information on scheduled and on-demand training below.

Scheduled Zoom Flight Simulator Sessions

Each session will last 90 minutes, including time for Q&A. Registration is limited to six (6) to ensure plenty of flight time for every participant.

Investment: Free

More dates will be announced soon!


On-demand Zoom Flight Simulator Sessions

On-demand sessions are available for organizations looking to provide training for groups up to six people. To learn more and schedule an on-demand experience, click here.


On-demand Coaching

If you would prefer a more personalized Zoom Flight Simulator experience, you can schedule on-demand coaching for a one-on-one session. To learn more and schedule on-demand coaching, click here.