Sell more. Sell Faster. Build Trust and expand relationships.

ADVISA is excited to provide participants a selling skills system that will improve the sales and influencing skills needed to execute a successful consultative approach with customers.

Take the mystery out of your salesforce performance.

The Customer-Focused Selling™ workshop combines a skills assessment with targeted learning to help participants quantify and improve the skills needed to execute a strategic approach to selling.

This sales training is offered both in-person as well as in a virtual format via a blended-learning experience.

About the workshop

Sales professionals participating in the Customer-Focused Selling (CFS) workshop experience a blended learning journey that includes self-assessment and self-directed learning with group sessions. Participants are asked to discuss their discoveries and “ah-ha” moments with direct managers and apply new skills at work.

The training begins with the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) to determine current strengths and opportunities for improvement. Participants then embark on a six-week journey, focusing on a different stage of the CFS process weekly.

Investment: $1,500/per person

Who should participate

Sales professionals including, but not limited to, new members of the sales team, sales leadership, business development representatives, account managers, regional and area managers, as well as rookie and veteran sales representatives.

Learning objectives

Participants who successfully complete the training will be able to:

  • Understand their prospective or current client’s perspective and how to sell from their viewpoint.
  • Quickly identify the characteristics and needs of people with different buying styles.
  • Listen and ask questions effectively to gain necessary information and guide conversations.
  • Present the value of your solution so it differentiates and addresses your prospect’s needs.
  • Handle objections and navigate buying conditions with greater ease.
  • Gain commitment on next steps, close deals, and position for expanded relationships.

How do I get started?

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