Ron St. Clair

“Predictive Index® is a tool that increases our people deployment effectiveness. We are no longer thrashing around in the dark in trying to guess whether a person will succeed in a position based on a résumé, past experience and an interview. Using PI® helps us to quickly get the right person in the right job. When we use PI to evaluate our positions and the incumbents, we are able to quickly determine where we might have mismatch between the person and the job. Before PI, we could only guess at why a person might be underperforming. Now, with our use of PI, we understand how the key elements of the job may be affecting the person filling the job. With PI, we are able to move quickly to identify potential underperformance and take specific action to assure consistent results. PI accelerates our ability to effectively deal with the “people issues” of business. When we use PI to fill open positions, we are able to quantitatively compare the job requirements with an applicant’s profile. When we have the match on qualifications and experience, PI provides the final filter that allows us to select the applicant best suited to perform in the position. Getting the right people in the right job has always been a very difficult proposition. Before PI, if we were successful 25- 40 percent of the time we thought we were doing very well. Now, with our use of PI, we expect that our people success rate should be consistently above 75 percent. The executive management use of PI has allowed me to understand what each of my staff members needs to be successful. I am able to tailor my management towards actions that are the most effective with each person. PI helps me to understand their individual needs and to work in a manner that dramatically increases their individual effectiveness. I wish I would have known about the PI tool 20 years ago. It probably would have saved me millions of dollars in people mistakes. Based on the tangible results so far, our ROI on the PI investment will be the best investment we have ever made.”